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Why People Come To Compass

The Best Investments And Relationships Are Meant To Last For Generations

Many of our clients have risked a lot to get where they are.

They’re savvy, smart, and innovative…

But when it comes to their finances, they’re looking for a partner.

A Partner Who…

  • Can help them make key financial decisions
  • They trust to know the things they don’t
  • Can prioritize their action steps for greatest efficiency

Advisor, Coach, Confidant — Call Us What You Like — We Collaborate, Exchange Ideas, Resources, And Share Insights As We Work Toward Your Financial Goals Together.

These Insights Are Gained From Our Experience As Business Owners And Investors.

We’ve managed money the same way for 25 years – Not because we’re stubborn, but because great investment principles are timeless.

The results of our clients speak for themselves. When they refer their friends, parents, children, or grandchildren to us there is no higher compliment.


Articles And Other Resources To Explore The Philosophy And Application Of Our Unique Approach To Investing

The Next Chapter In A 25 Year Legacy

The Compass Story

Discover The Compass Story

“I want a financial advisor who will ask me the right questions. As a busy entrepreneur, Compass is a sounding board for my ideas. They make recommendations and share resources. I trust them to know the things that I don’t, and they give me plenty of space to come to my own conclusions. That’s what I want from my financial advisor, and that’s exactly what I get with Compass.”


The Compass

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The Best Investments And Relationships Should Last For Generations

We Believe The Best Way To Start A New Relationship Is With A Conversation

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