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  • Life Insurance 101

    The concept of insurance is simple.  It is financial protection for when something bad happens.  Car insurance protects you and your car, home insurance protects your…

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  • Q1 2023 Compass Review

    A major crisis. Accommodative monetary policy to save the system.  Lower long-term interest rates. Financial and energy stocks priced for a major recession.  Large cap tech…

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  • Q4 2022 Compass Review

    The world got a whole lot poorer last year.  There was almost nowhere to hide.  The S&P finished down 20% and the Nasdaq lost 33%.  Even…

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  • Secure Act 2.0

    On December 23rd, 2022 the U.S House of Representatives passed an omnibus spending bill that includes the much-anticipated SECURE Act 2.0. The original SECURE Act passed…

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  • Saving for College

    A Guide to Common College Savings Vehicles One of the most challenging discussions we have with young families is helping them think about the intimidating costs…

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  • The End of the Free Lunch

    In our last letter we warned that there are major changes happening in the world economy: “The Times Are Changing”.  In this letter we would like…

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