Compass Sponsors Fairfield Paddle Fest


Fairfield Paddle Fest – September 10th, 2022

The Fairfield Rotary Club, along with our premier sponsor, Compass Asset Management, is proud to announce it will host the second annual Paddle Fest on September 10h at Jennings Beach, Fairfield, CT. The family-friendly paddle event features three opportunities for Stand-up Paddlers (SUP) and Kayakers to compete, or simply enjoy time paddling on the lovely Long Island Sound. For elite paddlers, there will be a 6-mile competitive race to test their skills; for recreational paddlers, there is a 3-mile course, and ½ mile course for youth to try out their skills and have fun. Races start at 9:30 am and there will be music and fun for all ages. For more information and to register, visit:

“This is our second year for Paddle Fest. Last year we had more than 100 registrants of all ages and experience levels. Everyone had a great time – whether they were racing, or just hanging out enjoying the beach, the good weather or the fun atmosphere,” said Jay Tini, the event chairperson. “Paddle Fest is a chance for folks to have a great day, and do some good. Funds raised here are put right back into the community. We award grants to local non-profits, and scholarships to local high school students, and even use some of the proceeds to support international goodwill projects. It’s a win-win,” he continued.

The Fairfield Rotary Club has a long legacy of supporting our community. “Service above Self” is more than a motto, it is the Club’s core value that drives all its’ efforts. Since 1990, the club has provided over $400,000 in community grants and donations to local non-profits and continues to support local area high school seniors with scholarships. In 2022, the Rotary Club awarded three $8.000 “Service Above Self” scholarships to three seniors, and two $1,000 scholarships for students pursuing Nursing degrees.

Internationally, the Fairfield Rotary co-sponsored grants to support six international service projects in Haiti,  Uganda, Syria, Liberia and Guatemala. The funds supported COVID-19 relief efforts, water projects for  villages without access to clean drinking water, sourcing computers and supplies for schools and providing a  playground for an orphanage. Fairfield Rotarians not only provide financial support, but many take part in the  projects themselves, as part of a larger Rotary Action team. In July of 2022, Rotarians from the Fairfield Club traveled to Uganda to support water well projects, help build a school, and work with a local hospital.  

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August 1, 2022

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